Areas of expertise

Innovation & Business Training

PROJECT Management & Digital Trasformation

Process innovation is an innovation that has as its object a production cycle or a particular management flow. This innovation increases the efficiency of a company, aiming to reduce costs. IFA-CONSULTING develops ad hoc organization and process plans, respecting the business experience and innovating its use.

Mobility Management & Project sustainability

Process sustainability issues / product and Mobility Management are often used exclusively as commercial claims. IFA-CONSULTING TORINO focuses its attention on the Supply Chain process which materializes its correct grounding, implementing innovative trajectories of support in the social and entrepreneurial fields and in efficiency projects or drafting a timely Home-Work Travel Plan (PSCS).

Startup Advisor Partner

IFA-CONSULTING TORINO supports the Partner in the process of choosing and evaluating Startups, in the destination for the expansion of investment opportunities and the Open Innovation of projects. Our main goal is to facilitate the path for new businesses and established entrepreneurs, providing strategic guidance, a consolidated network and tailor-made support to grow the business idea.

Company reorganization & HR Management

IFA-CONSULTING TORINO aims at the concept of “Person at the Center”, evaluating with the Partner the best inclusive Change Management and Resource Development strategies.

Each process is based on a clear and defined methodology


The IFA-CONSULTING Academy offers a wealth of skills and knowledge in the areas of Process Innovation, Startup, Sustainability, Mobility Management e Change management. IFA-CONSULTING TORINO was awarded First Place in the VII Edition of the PEF Training Excellence Award, as one of the best national realities and trajectories aimed at disseminating good practices relating to the learning and valorisation paths of human capital and organizational development.

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