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Il Mobility management it is a strategic approach to managing the mobility of employees and users within a company. The goal of Mobility management is to reduce the company's environmental impact, improve the quality of life of employees and promote efficiency and productivity through the use of sustainable and intelligent means of transport.

Mobility management focuses on planning, the management and optimization of transport for employee travel, of the company's customers and suppliers. This may include adopting company policies and procedures, the promotion of the use of sustainable means of transport, the implementation of innovative technologies, employee training and continuous evaluation of results.

There are several reasons why a business should use the Mobility management, come reduce the environmental impact of the company and improve its reputation in the market, the adoption of sustainable mobility policies can improve the quality of life of employees reducing travel stress and promoting a healthy lifestyle or implement innovative technologies which can increase transport efficiency and reduce costs for the company.

The appointment of a Mobility manager and the related drafting of a home-work commute plan I am mandatory in businesses and public administrations with single local units with more than 100 employees (including collaborators who work permanently at the same local unit with procurement contracts, services or similar) located in a regional capital, in a Metropolitan city, in a provincial capital or in a Municipality with population greater than 50.000 inhabitants. Businesses and Public Administrations. who do not meet these requirements can still appoint a Mobility manager, optionally, in order to prepare a travel plan aimed at reducing private vehicular traffic.

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