Setting up a startup is not difficult, the difficult thing is to enter the market and stay there, the statistics are merciless: about the 90% of startups cannot make it past the third year of activity. However, launching a new company requires at least four factors: THE IDEA = what are the winning points of the idea? The TEAM = there is a work team? You have the ability to create and manage a work team? BUSINESS = the impact of the idea was evaluated (product) on the market? FUNDING = you have the financial resources to implement and market the idea? Alternatively, there are the skills to raise finance? We are able to support you to answer all questions .


The specialized consulting area brings together skills that can help companies in planning, in strategy, in the management, supporting companies in finding solutions to improve production performance, del marketing, of personnel management for a 360 ° efficiency In this area Roniwell is able to provide entrepreneurs with M&A (mergers and acquisitions), small and medium-sized private equity funds.


Roniwell deals directly, in collaboration with major construction companies and investment funds, the research of sites and the design of structures for the Assisted Healthcare Residence. Roniwell takes care of the necessary documentary drafting, permissions, relations with Public Administrations. etc.